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Who's the Best Girl Group of All Time?

Who's the Best Girl Group of All Time?

Last week as I was driving home from doing my radio show, I was blown away by “Remember (Walking in the Sand)” the first single by the Shangri-Las. Throughout much of my life I would have unequivocally said that the Ronettes “Be My Baby” was the quintessential girl group song, by the quintessential girl group. Getting back into the catalog of both groups, I started to question that, and it seemed like the perfect match-up for pound for pound. Really this could be a three way pound for pound, Which was the best girl group, the Ronettes or the Shangri-Las? Better yet, who is the original bad girl of rock’n’roll, Ronnie Spector or Mary Weiss ? (incidentally, both still perform and record) Or, who was the better producer, Phil Spector of Shadow Morton?

I’ve included a couple performances from both groups, The Ronettes from the Big T.N.T. show and The Shangri-Las on Shindig. Let me know where you stand!

4 Responses to “Pound For Pound: The Ronettes vs. the Shangri-Las”

  1. nina

    probably i'm a little bit late but anyway.
    in my opinion both groups are amazing BUT: the shangri-las REALLY blew me away.
    mary's voice is so.. – unique. i mean, really, this is THE sound. ^-^
    i have to say i principally like the shangri-las voices more than the ronettes – just more to my liking.
    and i think if you compare the ronettes and the shangs, mary and the girls are a more unusual girl group because the ronettes were actually rather cute, pretty ladies and the shangs were that too but simply a bit wilder – bad girls. 😉
    the lesson is clear: they both deserve respect and it's not possible to say who's better (who's best – to quote the who ^-^) because in this case it's really about the personal opinion.

    R. I. P. to the already dead members..



  3. Eric

    Of course, if one closes his/eyes while playing Reparata and the Del-ron's "I'm Nobody's Baby Now" the surmise would be that both groups were in the same place at the same time (along with Phil Spector).

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