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Scott Craig lays some serious funky treats on Melting Pot's listeners!

Scott Craig of Records LA was our second guest DJ during this October’s end of the month all vinyl shenanigans on Melting Pot, appropriately held on Halloween. As I’ve mentioned before, since opening it’s doors almost exactly one year ago, Records LA has been and remains one of my favorite record stores in Souther Cali. Like Groove Merchant up north, there’s a little bit of everything for people at this store, from the mega rare to the super solid. What sets Scott’s store apart from others is the wealth of quality 45s, often at rock bottom prices.

For his guest spot on Melting Pot, Scott layed nothing but heavy funky treats on listeners during his 30+ minute guest spot, all on original 45 vinyl, with one exception…an honest to goodness Keb Darge dub plate of the already absurdly rare Pearly Queen 45 “Quit Jivin.”

A Keb Darge Dub Plate of Quit Jivin from Scott Craig's collection

The story that Scott relayed to me was that at one point Keb Darge sold a lot of his rare records, but cut dub plates of many of them, only to subsequently depart with some of these Dub Plates too. As rare as the original is, I wonder how many of these Darge Dub Plates are out there!

The jams just kept coming after that, with a super rare private press Little Anthony (yes THAT Little Anthony) record with some super fresh vocalizing, M.D.L.T. Willis’ Jackson 5 produced, “What’s Your Game” and one of the oddest and illest funky tracks I’ve heard “Key To Your Love.”

According to Scott this one is a mega rarity out of Detroit, recorded in the 1980s with some of the craziest sounding production I’ve ever heard on the drums and guitar…just insane production, like I mean that literally, was there a mentally unstable person at the board? When you hear those drums you’ll see what I mean. Scott closed things up with some righteous soul sounds from Main Events, a 45 I’ll definitely be on the look out for, in addition to all the rest as will you as soon as you heard this set.

Guest DJ Set from Scott Craig of Records LA on KPFK’s Melting Pot


Gene Anderson – Gigilo
Marboro Men – Ride On
Incomparable 7 – Funky Grandpa
Prolifics – Guts
Pearly Queen – Quit Jivin’
Shackleford Singers – God Is All Over Me
Belita Woods – Grounded
Little Anthony – Nothing From Nothing
M.D.L.T. Willis – What’s Your Game
L. Lavollis – Key To Your Love
Main Events – I Want You To Remember
{Not Included: Instrumental during the on-air break Eunice Collins – At The Hotel}

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