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Robin and Coco of Quadron perform at KPFK

Had the distinct pleasure of spending a fair amount of time with Robin Hannibal and Coco of Denmark’s Quadron just before Halloween. I actually picked up Robin & Coco and drove them to KPFK for the interview, so we spent a long time discussing a number of topics, only some of which makes it into this interview. At slightly over one hour all together, I decided to split up the interview over two weeks on Melting Pot, but it’s here as the full session.

Quadron sign copies of their CD for KPFK listeners

We cover a number of topics, from the origins of the band, a bit of their influences, the state of soul music in Denmark and here in the States and a really interesting discussion of issues of race, which finally solved the puzzle behind the band’s name. The songs here are different versions of tracks that can mostly be found elsewhere, stripped down versions performed in the KPFK studios, via keyboards and laptop and that exceptional voice from Coco.  Included are VERY different versions of “Simili Life” and “Pressure” from the album and a cover of Michael Jackson’s “Baby Be Mine.” 

I’m really happy that the group has found a number of kindred spirits here in the Los Angeles area, it will be very interesting to see how being in LA will affect the group’s sound on the next record. This one is definitely a group to watch here in coming years and this is one of the most special sessions I’ve been a part of since I got started in radio. Big big thanks to Andrew Lojero for setting things up and Stan Misraje for doing the sound and most importantly to Robin & Coco for sharing their music with us on Melting Pot.

Quadron on KPFK’s Melting Pot: Recorded 10-29-2010

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