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{There’s a couple of chances to catch DJ Lengua this week as Mas Exitos invades the Echo for Dub Club Meets Mas Exitos, Wednesday Aug. 31st and Mas Exitos returns to the Verdugo Bar (and every 1st Thursday) this Thursday Sept. 1st!!!}

Pretty Pretty Vinyl...

Fantastic guest set from DJ Lengua of the Mas Exitos crew. For the past several years I’ve been digging on the music that Lengua creates, a mix of classic 1960s/70s Cumbia with latin and funk break beats. He’s now got two albums under his belt on one of my favorite indie labels, Club Unicornio (also home to Roger Mas and Chicano Batman!). For some time he’s been one of the resident DJs for Mas Exitos spinning underground, rare and gritty latin wax. His set for us is perfect for the hazy summer Sunday afternoon it broadcast on, laid back latin rhythms with lots of twangy twangy guitar. Many of the instrumentals, like this multi-colored piece of vinyl from Los Beltons, were actually meant to played at 45 rpm, but at 33 rpms they sound extra nice. Check the breakdown from this show for a bit of an interview which unfortunately got cut too short cause we ran out of time, but I guarantee Lengua will be back in the future to play and discuss more music.

Guest DJ Set from DJ Lengua on KPFK’s Melting Pot

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  1. Shawn

    Aquella set era de poca madre. Loscucho de nuevo por la hueba, pero mencantaria tener una grabacion. I hope DJ Lengua plays in the Bay Area or Ventura soon.

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