Melting Pot

Doing a fundraiser by yourself is always a challenge, especially with a reasonably new show that is still finding it’s audience. When you’re sitting in the room all alone, and you have no idea if people are calling (or if you notice phone lines are busy, if they’re actually pledging) it’s just about the most lonely feeling in the world. I spent almost the entire first hour convinced that no one was supporting the show, only to get a flurry of activity at the end of the hour and have everything work out to our second best fundraising show on KPFK! Great music, coming from the various packs and add-ons, we’ll be back at it this coming Sunday with even more goodies, so please if you can tune in, spread the word and support KPFK and Melting Pot!

Melting Pot on KPFK #101: First Hour
Melting Pot on KPFK #101: Second Hour

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