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{In addition to their record release, this Saturday at the legendary Funky Sole in Echo Park, you can catch Myron & E live and direct this Summer as part of the Stones Throw Soul Tour! Check this link for dates and locations}

Myron and E I’ve been spinning music from Myron & E ever since I first received their single “It’s A Shame” in a package of 45s from the Timmion record label back in 2010. The fact they were backed by the Soul Investigators was intriguing enough, but more than anything it was the vocals that drew me to the group, through their definitely not run-of-the mill sonority and interesting use of melody & harmony. Since then it’s been seemingly an endless wait for their full-length record to be released, but it is finally here (released TODAY as a matter of fact). Myron & E were in the LA area for a spell and sat in with me to chat about how the group got together, how they hooked up with the Soul Investigators, their now trademark soul sound and even a few songwriting secrets. We’d intended to record a guest DJ session with E Da Boss after the interview, but some asshole absconded with the KPFK mixer (there really should be a special place in Hell for people who steal from community/public radio stations), so we had to get it recorded through other means at a later date. E Da Boss is one of the residents at the 45 Sessions and he definitely comes correct on the 45 vinyl for this very eclectic set. Hopefully I’ll get a tracklist soon, but with tracks from Benny Sharp & the Sharpies, Jodi Gayles, Mark Capanni (the original version of “I Believe In Miracles”!!!) and Gil Scott-Heron I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one to the fullest!

Myron & E Interview on KPFK’s Melting Pot:  06-21-2013
Guest DJ Set from E Da Boss for KPFK’s Melting Pot: Recorded 06-29-2013

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