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A Progressive End To 2016…Courtesy of Atoll

Atoll – Cazotte No. 1 Atoll – Le Photographe Exorciste Well, well, well…this tail end of 2016 didn’t exactly turn out the way I might have liked. I’ve been in a funk pretty much all of November and December that I’ve only recently gotten out of, and thus, there hasn’t […]


Election Hangover??? Hang On In There! 6

Hang On In There: A Collection of Music To Uplift Souls and Spirits I know a whole lot of folks aren’t happy about Donald Trump becoming President of the US. So, I made a mix of music for us, something to help with your election hangover and help you keep […]


Dig Deep…for Matthew Africa: 45s for MKA’s 45th

Today would have been Matthew Africa’s 45th Birthday. Every year around this time we pay tribute to Matthew here on Melting Pot. I met Matthew as a DJ at KALX, but his influence stretched back much earlier, through his work in the early 1990s with Luv’n’Haight while working at Groove […]


1st Annual DJ Shadow Storage Sale @ Rappcats!!!

This past weekend, LA got a real special treat, as this months “pop-up” record show at Rappcats in Highland Park (who has been hosting one-off shows since July, featuring Joel Stones of Tropicalia In Furs, as well as Egon of Now-Again Records and Michael McFaddin of Luv’n’Haight/Ubiquity fame), featuring selections […]


Zig Zag With Love…From DJ Shadow to You!

Ozzie DaSilva – Zig Zag Over the weekend, DJ Shadow treated us to a small peek into his world, as he sold off a portion of his collection in what was described as “The 1st Annual DJ Shadow Storage Sale.” The thing that I found most fascinating about the two […]


The Melting Pot Radio Hour – Episode 3

9/11 is often a somber and reflective time, this year, 15 years after the attacks, is even more so, particularly because it also occurs near the anniversary of the passing of a dear friend, Matthew Africa. Adding to all of those feelings, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds released an […]


Record Jungle – Montibello, Los Angeles

While I mentioned previously that Avalon Vintage might be my favorite LA record store, Record Jungle is far behind. Every single time I’ve gone there I’ve found some strange and obscure record, almost always for less than $10. The very first time I went to Record Jungle, I found that […]


Dig Deep: V/A – TRT Ara Müzikleri – Yonca (1973)

Akagündüz Kutbay and Emin Fındıkoğlu with Nathan Davis – Çeçen Kızı Akagündüz Kutbay & Zafer Dilek ve Orkestrası – Taksim/Bütün Meyhanelerini Dolaştım İstanbul’un Özdemir Erdoğan Orkestrası – Gurbet So…took me a little longer to get into the swing of things with the start of the semester than I would have […]


Reminiscing On The End Of Summer

The End Results – Reminiscing Picked this up just yesterday at the Rappcats/Ubiquity Pop-Up record Shop in Highland Park. I might have bought this 45 just for the amazing label design, but I brought along my portable record player just so I didn’t get swayed by a pretty face. Sometimes […]


Dig Deep: Sylvia Tella – Spell – Sarge (1981)

Sylvia Tella – Stars In Your Eyes Sylvia Tella – Don’t Cry Out Loud Sylvia Tella – Spell I realized today that I was actually, subconsciously at least, holding off on posting this album until this moment, towards the end of the Summer. As I’ve talked about on several posts […]