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I began this website on July 7th, 2009. After seven years, I decided to essentially start all over again. For more than half of my life, I’ve worked as a radio DJ and much of the “old” Melting Pot reflected a certain philosophy connected to being on the radio. I did my best to keep up with as much new music as I could and felt it was part of my duty to do so. But when I left radio in 2015, my posts became infrequent, partially because I felt handcuffed by that mentality and some of the original parameters that I set up for Melting Pot. This version is a reflection of somewhat of a change in philosophy in regards to sharing music, now with an emphasis on music that is apart of my collection, virtually all of it on vinyl. The only feature I’m holding over from the previous site is “Dig Deep,” which was always my favorite section and sharing rare records is a major part of why I enjoy doing this.

Because I’m a firm believer that even when you make a break from the past, you can never really leave the past behind, every single post from the first seven years is still available, but now on a “classic” website, easily accessible from the menu as “Classic Material.” I’ve added a Mixcloud account as an additional place to house my mixes. I’m essentially a ghost on social media, so if you actually want to get a hold of me, reach me via e-mail at eljefe[at]meltingpotblog.com

Thank you to those of you who have been with us since the beginning and thank you to all of the new people who’ve come through since. It is a pleasure to share this music with you and to spread some beautiful Bright Moments to all who will listen.

foto © Farah Sosa of FarahStop

foto © Farah Sosa of FarahStop

About Michael Barnes:

Originally from Atlanta, GA, Michael Barnes worked as a DJ for 22 years (1993-2015) at non-commercial radio stations around the country, including WRAS-Atlanta, WORT-Madison, KALX-Berkeley, KCRW-Santa Monica and KPFK-Los Angeles. Barnes holds a Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of California, Berkeley and is presently a lecturer in Sociology at CSU-Long Beach. He currently resides in the Los Angeles area.

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