Dig Deep: Jards Macalé – S/T – Philips (1972)


Jards Macalé – Let’s Play That
Jards Macalé – 78 Rotacoes
Jards Macalé – Revendo Amigos

I’m thinking that Brazilian mix probably won’t be ready to go until Monday, as I keep finding it difficult to stop listening to records and actually think about mixing them together in some form or fashion. Latest to stop me from getting things done the way I want to is this album from Jards Macalé. Macalé was a pivotal figure in the Tropicália movement, though he didn’t record much under his own name, you can find his fingerprints all over albums from Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso and his sister Maria Bethania.

This album was recorded with just a trio, but a mighty one, with Macalé on vocals and guitar, Tuti Moreno on the drums and the golden child of Tropicálismo, Lanny Gordin on guitar and bass. It’s Gordin’s guitar playing that is featured on just about every major record from this period, almost always instantly recognizable because of it’s heavy fuzz and almost avant-garde jazz sensibilities. Lanny could play real sweet and sweaty too, as he does here (and also on a record I shared long away, Gal’s 1970 album Le Gal) as the trio mostly lays down a very mellow groove. I can’t tell you how much more I wish these three boys had recorded during these years.


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