Dig Deep: Eduardo Araújo e Silvinha – Sou Filho Dêsse Chão – Beverly (1976)


Eduardo Araújo e Silvinha – Opanige
Eduardo Araújo e Silvinha – Manda Embora Tristeza
Eduardo Araújo e Silvinha – Capoeira
Eduardo Araújo e Silvinha – O Tempo Que Esse Tempo Tem

Still haven’t made much progress in getting together my promised Brazilian mix, and it’s all because of records like this. Eduardo and Silvinha Araujo were initially connected to the pre-Tropicália Jovem Guarda rock movement. Even as their sounds got increasingly funky as the 60s moved into the 70s, there was always a bit of the rock edge to them. This album first found it’s way on my radar due to the inclusion of “Opanige” in one of Madlib’s Medicine Shows. Though that song is a monster, the whole album is pretty dope, as you can tell from the other tracks above.

Strangely enough (well, strange to me at least) in more recent years, Eduardo Araujo made a switch to Country music…maybe it was just too difficult to top just how funky things got here in 1976.


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