7 for 7: #2 Rotary Connection – Life Could


Rotary Connection – Life Could

The final two songs in my 7 for 7 series, highlighting my favorite tracks I’ve shared over the past seven years of Melting Pot, are in these top spots because they are personal anthems. #2 belongs to “Life Could” from the Psychedelic soul outfit Rotary Connection. As previously mentioned back in 2010, the sentiment expressed in “Life Could” is a theme for the entire Aladdin album. Several of the songs focus on living a life that isn’t based on material success, but is measured by the freedom you enjoy and the pleasure of living a truly authentic life. I don’t share music because I think one day I’ll catch a break and be a big name writer, I was never a DJ for fame. It is a privilege to make enough money to live the life I do from teaching, and to know that my future will be secure because of the strength of my union and my abilities as an educator. But success there for me, also isn’t measured through awards or the admiration of my peers. Life could be very different for me, but I’m more than satisfied being able to live MY life in the way that I chose and I’m very humbled by any who join me on this journey.

Rotary Connection – “Life Could”

Wake up in the morning
Work 5 days a week
Never had much money or fame
The way it’s gonna be

Just a common person
Do you know my name?
Never be important in life
Always be the same (the same 2x)

But I don’t need your pity (pity)
And I don’t want your money (money)
Because I’m oh so happy (yeah)
I’ll never have much money or fame
Guess I’ll always be the same
Life’s too short to let it slip by
Never stayin’ low, always flyin’ high

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