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Been quite some time since I took y’all on an musical excursion back to Cuba, but the wait is over. Here is volume #3 of my Cuban music series, Sorpresa Musical, featuring a variety of sounds from the island from the 1960s and 1970s. The previous two volumes were connected solely to my first trip exactly a year ago, this one features some vinyl from that first trip, my second one earlier this year in May and a few that I had acquired much earlier. I love all three equally, but I especially like how this one came together and the shifting moods from beginning to end. I don’t currently have plans to return to Cuba anytime soon, but we’ll see if I’m able to resist another trip sometime in the Winter. Until then…Dig on it!

Sorpresa Musical Volume 3

Sorpresa Musical: Volume 3
1. Vicente Rojas – En La Orbita – A Las 2:00 A.M.
2. Grupo Ismaelillo – Galaxia – Galaxia
3. Irakere – Valle De Picadura – Seleccion De Exitos 1973-1979
4. Juan Pablo Torres y Algo Nuevo – Pastel En Descarga – Super Son
5. Los Tainos – Yo Si Se Bailar El Son – Los Tainos
6. Raul Gomez – Un Paseo A La Playa – 7″
7. Pacho Alonso y Sus Pachucos – Ven, Ae Ae – Pacho Alonso
8. Noel Nicola – Examenes y Naranjas – XX Aniversario De La Cinematografia Cubana
9. Los Barba – Mi Mercy Cha – 7″
10. Combo De Eddy Gaytan – Como Arrullo De Palma – Sorpresa Musical
11. Alfons Wonneberg y Su Grupo – Garofitza – De Visita
12. Juan Almeida – El Balsero De Toa – Instrumental
13. Rafael Somavilla – Mirando A Traves De Un Mundo De Cristal – Instrumental
14. Mirta y Raul – De Nuevo En El Camino – 7″
15. Juan Formell y Los Van Van – Llegue Llegue/Guararey De Pastora – Juan Formel y Los Van Van
16. Los Llamas – Lamento Borincano – Los Llamas
17. Sergio Vitier – Tema De Maritza – XX Aniversario De La Cinematografia Cubana: Temas De Los Filmes
18. Lourdes Gil y Los Galantes – Desde Ayer – Lourdes Gil y Los Galantes
19. Luisa Guell – Y Digo No – Sorpresa Musical

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