The Melting Pot Radio Hour – Episode 2


A longtime listener and fan of Melting Pot mentioned how much she wished she could have the show back on Sundays, and since I do love making requests, I decided I’d post the monthly Melting Pot Radio Hour on Sunday early evenings, just like the radio show that started in 2010. It’s highly likely that this will be the routine for the next couple of months at least, Sundays on the 2nd Sunday of the month, very rarely ever actually an hour. I spend a bit of time teasing a bit of the next mix I’ll be working on (likely next week, since it’s my last week of Summer before classes start again), a Psych thing I’m thinking of calling “Midnight Sunshine.” I also highllight a couple of records that will be making their way here in the near future, including from Sylvia Tella, Kao-Ling Feng and several others. Since July, I had a number of unexpected purchases (including a new car!) which cut into my ability to get out and get some “new” vinyl, but there are a couple of recent additions from Avalon Vintage and Groove Merchant. Enjoy!

Melting Pot Radio Hour – Episode 2

{opening theme} Boris Gardiner – Melting Pot – Is What’s Happening (Dynamic)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Rainbow – Does Your Head Need Straightening? – After The Storm (GNP Crescendo)
Time -Morning Come – Smooth Ball (Liberty)
The Corporation – I Want To Get Out Of My Grave – The Corporation (Capitol)
Blue Jays – Independent Man – Nascence (Map City)
Modulos – Realidad – Realidad (Hispavox)
Dorothy Ashby – Afro-Harping – Afro-Harping (Cadet)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Yang Yan – Closer Person You Are – Throwing Hydrangea/Why Do Not You Love Me (Life)
Kao Ling Feng – The Girl’s Dimples – The Girl’s Dimples (Kolin)
Czeslaw Nieman – Laur Dojrzaly – Idee Fixe (Muza)
Tatsuro Yamashita – Solid Slider – Spacy (RCA)
Charol – Pajarillos Electronicos – Charol (Movie Play)
Orquesta Mirasol – Estats, Tapadores i Plumeros Finalmente No Se Que Dir-te – D’oca A Oca i Tira Que Et Toca (Edigsa)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Sylvia Tella – Stars In Your Eyes – Spell (Sarge)
Tim Maia – NIssei LInda, Linda Nissei – Tim Maia (1980) (Polydor)
Grupo Ismaelillo – Amanecer – Galaxia (Arieto)
Armando Trovaioli – D’Amore Si Muore – How FUnny Can Sex Be?: Original Soundtrack (West End)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

{closing theme} Dungen – C. Visar Vagen – Tio Bitar (Kemado)

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