Daily Archives: September 15, 2016


1st Annual DJ Shadow Storage Sale @ Rappcats!!!

This past weekend, LA got a real special treat, as this months “pop-up” record show at Rappcats in Highland Park (who has been hosting one-off shows since July, featuring Joel Stones of Tropicalia In Furs, as well as Egon of Now-Again Records and Michael McFaddin of Luv’n’Haight/Ubiquity fame), featuring selections […]


Zig Zag With Love…From DJ Shadow to You!

Ozzie DaSilva – Zig Zag Over the weekend, DJ Shadow treated us to a small peek into his world, as he sold off a portion of his collection in what was described as “The 1st Annual DJ Shadow Storage Sale.” The thing that I found most fascinating about the two […]