Election Hangover??? Hang On In There! 6


Hang On In There: A Collection of Music To Uplift Souls and Spirits

I know a whole lot of folks aren’t happy about Donald Trump becoming President of the US. So, I made a mix of music for us, something to help with your election hangover and help you keep your head up and pushing forward, cause for me…I plan to stay a believer, so today…I’ll let the sun shine in and dream about what this world would be like if we had peace today, but I’ll tell myself, “Wake up sweet dreamer, we can make it real,” cause I want to see daylight in my life and I know that there must be something we can do! Instead of just asking, ‘where are we going?’ or just being optimistic about the future, I plan to be optimystical and glow in the light of my life. How do you do that? Meditate…Contemplate…Get closer to the essence of life, but be aware that it takes courage and strife. You can’t strain your brain, when you feel somebody trying to bring you down. I know we are not going to endure 2000 seasons in THIS America. So, don’t give in. Hang On In There! Love is really the answer, this you have to agree. But now, it’s time for all of us to wake up, we are in the presence of our future!

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