The Melting Pot Radio Hour – Best Vinyl Digs Of 2016


2016 was a crazy year for so many of us, but as far as the records were concerned it was mighty mighty good for me. In the first Melting Pot Radio Hour of 2017, I take a look back at some of the vinyl I dug up last year. Thought this is the longest online show I’ve done, I could seriously record a whole week of shows, and I’m not sure even that would be enough time to get through all the vinyl I got. With a trip to Cuba in a couple of weeks, I think 2017 will be a good year on the vinyl front…Happy New Year!

Melting Pot Radio Hour – Best Vinyl Digs of 2016

{opening theme} Boris Gardiner – Melting Pot – Is What’s Happening (Dynamic)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Modulos – Realidad – Realidad (Hispavox)
Orchestre Poly-Rythmo – Malin Kpon O – 7″ (Albarika Store)
Los Lazos – It’s A New Day – 7″ (RCA)
Los Barba – Mi Mercy Cha – 7″ (Areito)
Marc Hamilton – Je Nai Jamais Raison – Marc Hamilton (Trans Canada)
Odyssey – No One Else Pt. 1 – 7″ (Hi)
Love – Everlasting First – False Start (Blue Thumb)
The Soul Searchers – Ashley’s Roachclip – Salt Of The Earth (Sussex)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Joy Unlimited – Rudiments – Butterflies (BASF)
Syrius – Devil’s Masquerade – Devil’s Masquerade (Pepita)
The Forefront – Incantation – Incantation (AFI Records)
Duster Cat – Modern Times – Boys & Girls (Q)
Sylvia Tella – Stars In Your Eyes – Spell (Sarge)
Tim Maia – Tudo Vai Mudar – Tim Maia (1980) (Polydor)
Mirtha y Raul – De Nuevo En El Camino – 7″ (Areito)
Orquesta Mirasol – No Vull Esser Music, Perque Tinc Malats El Cap I El Cor – D’oca A Oca I Tira Que Et Toca (Edigsa)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Ozzie Da Silva – Zig Zag – Zig Zag With Love
Tarantulos – Melo Do Aplauso (Rap-o, Clap-o) – A Musica Nao Pode Parar (RCA)
Azul y Negro – Fantasia De Piratas – 7″ (Mercury)
Grupo Ismaelillo – Galaxia – Galaxia (Areito)
Snakeshed – Karate Moves – Karate Moves: The Mystical World Of Karate (GNP Crescendo)
Ricardo Marrero – Babalonia – 7″ (Yu Qui Yu)
Kao Ling Feng – The Girl’s Dimples – The Girl’s Dimples (Kolin)
Rhoda Scott – Nova – Molybdenum (Barclay)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Milton Floyd – I’m A Shadow – 7″ (Rim)
The Three Reasons – Take Me Back – 7″ (Carnival)
The Summits – Let Me Love You Again – 7″ (DC International)
Dwight Houston & the Ghettos – Trippin – 7″ (Equator)
TML Associates – Can’t Take It No More – 7″ (Mare)
Slide Hampton – Newport – And His Horn Of Plenty (Strand)
Chris Spedding – You Can See – Backwood Progression (Harvest)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

{closing theme} Modrey Efekt & Radim Hladik – Cajovna – Modry Efekt & Radim Hladik (Supraphon)

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