The Melting Pot Radio Hour -Episode #7: Digs From Havana, With Love


Now that I’ve finally dug myself out of the doldrums of this past semester, you’ll see a lot more from me online (and, perhaps, back on the radio too). This episode of the “Melting Pot Radio Hour” fulfills a promise made earlier in the year to share some of the vinyl I dug up this past time around in Havana (unbelievably, all the way back in January, which seems like three years ago to me at the present moment). I’ve now gone down to Tienda Seriosha on three occasions and each time I am surprised by how much music I continue to discover. Every time I think I know a little bit about Post-Revolutionary Cuban music, I discover I barely know anything at all. Here are just a few of my discoveries from this past trip, many of which will find their way onto the site or into a “Sorpresa Musical” mix in the near future.

Melting Pot Radio Hour – Episode 7

{opening theme} La Banda Colorada – South Chicago Mama – In Memory Of Jimmy Dan Song (CB Records)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Raul Gomez – Tema De La Sierra – Instrumental (Areito)
Beatriz Marquez – No Desesperes – Beatriz Marquez (Areito)
Hilario Duran – La Contrapartido – Instrumental: Habana 9pm (Areito)
Pacho Alonsoy Sus Pachucos – Que Cosa Es Mendo – Upa Upa (Areito)
Orquesta Cubana De Musica Moderna – Y Que Has Hecho/El Niche – Cuba Que Linda Es Cuba (Areito)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Los Bucaneros – Te Quiero A Solas – 7″ (Areito)
Maggie Carles – No Preguntes Como Fue – 7″ (Areito)
Los Van Van – Yuya Martinez – Sabor Cubano (Areito)
Elena Burke – Un Dialogo – 7″ (Areito)
Farah Maria – Paloma – Farah Maria (Areito)
Silvio Rodriguez – Con Diez Anos De Menos – Rabo De Nube (Areito)
Juan Pablo Torres – Andromedason – Vuelo Conjunto Intercosmos (Areito)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Electric-Cord Orchestra – Soft & Easy – Break Dance 2 (Electrecord)
Jose Maria Vitier y Su Grupo – Del Lado Del deber – La Frontera Del Deber (Areito)
Frank Fernandez – Tema De La Esperanza – La Gran Rebellion (Egrem)
Ramon Huerta – Recuento – 20 Aniversario Del Ministerio Del Interior (Egrem)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

{closing theme} Jose Maria Vitier y Su Grupo – Zona Secreta – La Frontera Del Deber (Areito)

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