Deep/Under/Cover: Soul-Sides X Melting Pot X Dublab!!!


This past Friday, I had the pleasure of guest hosting on LA’s Dublab with my old-time homey Oliver Wang of for a show we called Deep/Under/Cover. Two hours of deep covers, funky covers, psychedelic covers, covers that don’t say they are covers but we know they are covers aka undercover covers! We trade off on sets during each hour, with yours truly going first, and then Oliver following up. So many highlights in the show, on my end, getting to play a few things I’ve shared here, including La Banda Colorado’s undercover “Melting Pot,” Tarantula’s take on Joe Bataan’s rap classic “Rap-O, Clap-O” and some things I’m looking forward to sharing, like the wacky cover of Herb Albert’s “Rise” by Cuban teenagers Grupo Ismaelillo and The Jordans dark and psychedelic cover of Sly Stone’s “Thank You.” As expected Oliver puts most of my selections to shame, with a slew of island records, including steel drum band covers of “Down By The River” and the song that brought down the house, the Katzenjammers INSANE cover of Gary Numan’s “Cars,” (CARS?!!?!?!?!!?!!?!!) plus Thailand’s the Impossibles covering The Nite-Liters “Tanga Boo Gonk,” and many others that you just need to hear to believe (again, CARS?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!!!!). The audio runs a little “hot,” but what can I say…we were excited to be back on the air! Especially given that we had the privilege of being on the first Dublab shows to broadcast at their new local frequency, 99.1FM! The station is adding a second transmitter that should improve it’s signal in LA Central later this Summer and, with any luck, we’ll be back for more in the near future. For now…Dig on it!

Oliver Wang & Michael Barnes on Dublab – Deep Under Cover 6-30-2017

Hour 1:
{opening theme} Richard “Groove” Holmes – Song For My Father – Onsaya Joy (Flying Dutchman)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

{Michael Barnes}
La Banda Colorado – South Chicago Mama (Melting Pot) – In Memory Of Jimmy Dan Song (CB Records)
Armando Trovaioli – Sessomatto (Soul Makossa) – Original Soundtrack: How Funny Can Sex Be? (West End)
Los Hazos – It’s A New Day – 7”
Los Apson – Por Tu Amor (For Your Love) – Satisfaccion (Eco)
Richard Hayman – Windmills Of Our Mind – Electric Latin Love Machine (Command)
The Heads – Are You Lonely For Me Baby – Heads Up (Liberty)
Rufus Harley – Love Is Blue – King/Queens (Atlantic)
Hypnotic Brass Ensemble – Water No Get Enemy – Heritage EP (Choice Cuts)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

{Oliver Wang}
Dutch Rhythm Steel & Show Band – Down By The River – Soul Steel & Show (Negram)
Los Fabulosos Festivals – Can I Change My Mind – 7” (Onda Nueva)
Syd Jones and The Troubadours – Cardova – Positvely Spicy (West Indies Records)
Bits’n’Pieces – Tanga Boo Gonk – Only The Beginning (Dyna Parlophone)
Joe Cruz & the Cruzettes – Love Song – Album 2 (Villar Records)
Swinging Stars Of Dominica – Bang Bang – Higher and Higher (Stardom)
Ciel Miner – Stardust – This Is For The People (Car-Dor)
Los Exciters – Morning – 7” (Sally Ruth)

Hour 2:
{opening theme} Rahsaan Roland Kirk – Never Can Say Goodbye/Make It With You – Blacknuss (Atlantic)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

{Michael Barnes}
Os Incriveis – Adeus Amigo Vagabundo – Os Incriveis (RCA)
Johnny Frigo Sextet – Gardens On The Moon – Electric Jazz Of Gus Giordano (Orion)
I Fholks – Soldier In Your Town – SuperLongPlaying (CR)
Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation – Memory Of Pain – The Aynsley Dunbar Retaliation (Blue Thumb)
The Jordans – Thank You ((Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin) – Edicao Extra (Copacabana)
Tarantulas – Melo Do Aplauso (Rap—O Clap-O) – A Musica Nao Pode Parar (RCA)
Grupo Ismaelillo – Amanecer (Rise) – Galaxia (Egrem)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

{Oliver Wang}
Wim Overgauw – Footin’ It – Dedication (Basart)
The Impossibles – Give It Up – Hot Pepper (Philips)
Pedro Plascencia – Soul 70 (Soulful Strut) – Pop (Musart)
Sunny & the Sunliners – Dance To The Music – Sky High (Key-Loc)
The Funkees – Breakthrough – 7” (EMI)
Mark Martin – In The Good Old Topless Time (The Champ/Tramp) – 7” (Trans World)
The KatzenJammers – Cars – Panatics (Long View Farm)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

{closing theme} The Mac 5 – Song For My Father – The Mac 5 (Century)












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