Melting Pot: 8 Down…Movin’ On Up to Year NIne! 2


Year 8, the first of this newly redesigned, aesthetically and philosophically, Melting Pot was tougher than I thought it would be. After those 33 1/3 posts out the gate, burnout from work affected the pace of posts here for much of the past year. Probably no other place where this was evident than in the “Dig Deep” section, which normally has twice as many entries (something which may affect this year’s “Deepest Digs,” coming up on 7/11). While I won’t be starting this year with the same furious pace as the last, I will be spending much of the next week giving myself a head start on “Dig Deep,” especially since I have a lot of great records that I should have shared earlier that I’m excited to share now. As it’s the summer, and I have much more free time than when I’m teaching, you can also expect some new mixes in the coming months. With any luck, there will also be more shows on Dublab, but time will tell on that front…so, onwards and upwards peoples!



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2 thoughts on “Melting Pot: 8 Down…Movin’ On Up to Year NIne!

    • Michael Post author

      Thank you kindly! It’ll just be the “Melting Pot Radio Hour” for the time being (new one up today!), though keep your fingers crossed…me and Oliver would love to be part of the Dublab family.