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One of the toughest things about being a Guest DJ, at least if you still spin on vinyl, is how many, and which ones, you bring. Since Clifton and Miles have such deep collections, there’s always a chance that a song you were looking forward to drop will get into one of their sets and then you have to change things up, now with fewer arrows in your quill, or the crowd, though it is very liberal, won’t vibe as much as you thought they would to a song you chose, and a quick/slow fade-out is in order. In last night’s case, I had a whole ‘nuther set in mind when I was getting ready for Funky Sole. Though I always bring crowd/b-boy favorites, I try to not to repeat myself too much and was looking forward to trying out some things that I’d never played there before. But just before my set, there was a circle in the center watching some B-boys do power moves (normally they do their thing on dance floor to the left of the stage) and with the customary pause to the music to introduce the guest, there were different dynamics on the floor than I was used to, so I tabled the more experimental parts of the set I’d planned on, and just let loose, playing many more tracks that I’ve played before than I would normally. ‘Bout 3/4’s in though, I did get back to a slew of tracks that I hadn’t played, and hadn’t heard at Funky Sole before, and I was especially happy with how the Ismael Diaz private press Latin Funk went over with the crowd…However, the highlight of the night for me was later on trading off records with Clifton, and ending up on Sylvia Tella’s “Stars In Your Eyes” Lovers Rock and the Ponderosa Twins “Bound” for the 30 or so people still there, way past closing time…always for pleasure and always a pleasure DJ-ing for the Funky Sole faithful. Eternal thanks to Miles, Clifton and Nancy each and every invitation!

Guest DJ Set At Funky Sole – 07-15-2017

Playlist: 07-15-2017
1. Coke – Na Na – Coke (Sound Triangle)
2. Harlem Underground Band – Smokin’ Cheeba Cheeba – Harlem Underground (Paul Winley)
3. Maceo and all the King’s Men – Got To Get Cha – Doing Their Own Thing (House Of The Fox)
4. The Meters – Handclapping Song – 7″ (Josie)
5. Foster Sylvers – Misdemeanor – 7″ (MGM)
6. The Trinikas – Remember Me – 7″ (Numero)
7. Sly Stone – Remember Who You Are – Back On The Right Track (WB)
8. Tarântulas – Saiba Ser Feliz (Don’t Stop ’till You Get Enough) – A Música Não Pode Parar (RCA)
9. Michael Jackson – Get On The Floor – Off The Wall (Epic)
10. Orchestra Internationale – Chella ‘Lla – Disco Italiano (Fiesta)
11. Juice – Catch A Groove – 12″ (Greedy)
12. Jimmy McGriff – You’re The One – Soul Sugar (Capitol)
13. Robert Roena y Su Apollo Sound – Que Se Sepa – Roberto Roena y Su Apollo Sound 5 (International)
14. Ricardo Marrero – Babalonia – 7″ (Yu Vu Tu)
15. Miguel De Deus – Black Soul Brothers – Black Soul Brothers (Underground)
16. Ray Barretto – Together – Together (Fania)
17. James Brown – It’s A New Day – 7″ (Polydor)
18. Ismael Diaz – El Aficionado – Mi Graduacion (ID)
19. Brown Brothers Of Soul – Cholo – 7″ (Specialty)
20. Jean Jacques Perrey – E.V.A. – Moog Indigo (Vanguard)
21. Marcos Valle – Mentira – Trilha Sonora Original: Carinhoso (Som Livre)
22. Airto Fogo – Black Soul – Trilha Sonora Original Internacional: Cuca Lega (Som Livre)
23. Larry Young – Turn Off The Lights – Fuel (Arista)

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