The Melting Pot Radio Hour – Episode #8: Brasilian Digs From Tropicalia In Furs


After a lovely guest gig last month on Dublab, we’re back at it here on our site for the monthly Melting Pot Radio Hour. As this month has ended, I’ve found myself in an exceptionally good mood, with Brasil on my mind, and so it made good sense to focus on Brasilian music for this month’s edition. The task was made much easier because of the grip of records, many of which I’d never even heard of, that I got from Joel of Tropicalia In Furs when he was in LA back in May here in the Summer. Enjoy the show, and look out for more than a few of these records here in the next week!

Melting Pot Radio Hour – Episode 8

{opening theme} Boris Gardiner – Melting Pot – Is What’s Happening (Dynamic)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Agnaldo Rayol – Sumauma – Agnaldo Rayol (Copacabana)
The Jordans – O Triunfador – Edicao Extra No. 5 (Copacabana)
Wilson Simonal – Na Baixa Do Sapateiro – Simona (Odeon)
Jose Agosto – Eu Sou Assim – Jose Agosto (Odeon)
Jorge Ben – Hermes Trismegisto Escreveu – Africa Brasil 7″ (Philips)
The Jordans – Thank You – Edicao Extra No. 5 (Copacabana)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Nalva – O Rapaz Por Quem Estou Apaixonada – Nao Volta Mais/Rock & Roll Lullaby (Beverly)
Fabio – Em Busca Das Cancoes (Can-Soo-Eees) Perdidas – Fabio (1969)
Gerson King Combo – Esse E O Nosso Black Brother – Gerson King Combo (Polydor)
MPB 4 – Agibore – Cicatrizes (Philips)
Baden Powell – Sorongaio – A Vontade (Elenco)
Guilherme Lamounier – Tire As Asas De Dentro Do Seu Paleto – 7″ (Philips)
Waltel Branco – Pernoite – OST: Supermanuela (Som Livre)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

Gilberto Reis – Um Rosta Na Neblina – Gilberto Reis (Beverly)
Eustaquio Sena – Oi La – OST: Supermanuela (Som Livre)
Wilson Das Neves – Jornada – OST: Verao Vermelho (Philips)
Milton Nascimento – Ponta Da Areia – Minas (Odeon/EMI)
Pessoal Do Ceara – Beira Mar – Meu Corpo Minha Embalagem Todo Gasto Na Viagem (Continental)

~~~~ Break ~~~~

{closing theme} Airto Fogo – Black Soul – OST: Cuca Legal (Som Livre)

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