Since I Last Saw You…Feels Like The Whole World Has Changed 1


Jackson Heights – Since I Last Saw You

Right now it feels a bit like the image above, taken from the front cover of Jackson Heights’ 1970 album Kings Progress, as if some cosmic force is shaking up our little planet. After an extraordinary August, September left a great deal to be desired. I’ve been in such a funk over the last couple of weeks that I completely forgot about doing a Melting Pot Radio Hour for the past month. I was thinking I’d do it today and then remembered it’s already October. My mind and heart has been in a multitude of places, with friends going through troubles, folks in Mexico, PR, and elsewhere hit by a deluge of “natural” disasters, Blood in the streets of Catalunya as people try to exercise their friend, and of course there’s the ongoing fuckery in Washington…there’s a lot going on, and much of it seems monumentally bad. Times such as these can make sharing music on a website seem a bit unimportant. But of late I’ve been advocating to virtually everyone I speak to the importance of finding your joy wherever you can and fiercely defending it from negativity. So, I’ve been trying to still go out, dance as much as possible, and keep listening to and sharing music. “Since I Last Saw You,” is a track that I’ve been threatening to put onto a mix of mellow moody psych for what seems like forever. I’m hoping in sharing it, especially at this moment, that I’ll get back into the headspace necessary to see that mix through and provide a bit escape for weary ears. Time will tell, but I am an eternal optimist and I plan to stay a believer.

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One thought on “Since I Last Saw You…Feels Like The Whole World Has Changed

  • Jenny

    Loved this song…Thanks Michael! Sharing music, joy, creativity and optimism is extremely important, especially in these times! Keep Up!