1982’s “Women Are Human”…Still Relevant in the 21st Century


Clay Hammond – Women Are Human

2017 has been a year of many things. One of the major themes was around the place of women in this society, the complicity of many men (and some women, just see the recent election in Alabama) in upholding the sexist system that denies equality to more than half of the population (including all women, including trans-women, and all other LGBTQI folk marginalized in this society). #MeToo was a cultural touchstone, and might (this is the hope) mark a moment of real change in this society. Change though, is likely to be slow, and given that, perhaps it’s no surprise that Clay Hammond’s 1982 song “Women Are Human,” (something that I picked up at the DJ Shadow Storage sale in November) still remains relevant 35 years after it was recorded. Looking forward to the day when a song like this is a novelty, in a better world of full equality…one that I hope I get to see before my time is up on this crazy planet.

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