KPFK’s One Track Mind with Guest DJs Ethos & Canyon Cody of Subsuelo!


Been a great privilege filling in for Krisit Lomax these past four weeks, and with the last week, I wanted to go out on a high note, and thankfully Ethos & Canyon Cody of LA’s Subsuelo crew were willing and able to come and do Guest DJ sets on the show, Ethos in the first hour and Canyon in the second hour. In between, we have a little conversation about Subsuelo, a bit of it’s origins and it’s approach and some things that are on the horizon for one of my absolute favorite crews in LA. Not sure when I’ll be back on the KPFK airwaves, but it’s been a pleasure returning and hopefully 2018 will find me on the air much more often…Enjoy!

KPFK’s One Track Mind – 01-12-2018: 1st Hour
KPFK’s One Track Mind – 01-12-2018: 2nd Hour

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