Falling In Love In Modern Times…with Duster Cat

Duster Cat – Modern Times I bought this record at one of the Rappcats pop-ups last year, drawn by it’s simplistic yet striking artwork and private press feel (the album was released on Q Records out of Torrance, a record label that really doesn’t seem to have put out much […]


The Beautiful Agony Of Anna Melato’s “Amara Me”

Anna Melato – Amara me Ever since first seeing Lina Wertmüller’s “Love & Anarchy,” in May, I’ve been absolutely obsessed with this song. In the film, the song is performed by Melato at a meal for the workers at a “Casa di Tolleranza,” which I suppose would directly translate into […]


Remembering Matthew Africa

Tom Jones – Looking Out My Window Today marks five years since the passing of Matthew Africa, one of the Bay Area’s most beloved, who died in a car accident on Labor Day, September 3, 2012. Matthew’s presence remains, for many of us who knew and loved him, with us […]


Trouble and Passion in Our Republic on the 4th

Songs: Ohia – Our Republic Here on the 4th, I’m still thinking quite a lot about what I was doing on the 3rd, which was a return to see the last day of the extraordinary Kerry James Marshall retrospective at MOCA. Marshall’s work is explicitly political, often times without relying […]


Clap Your Hands, Snap Your Fingers for Carpet Square Funk

Harrell & Sharron Lucky – Clap Snap Stamp As most break obsessed DJs/collectors know, instructional records are often a solid place to find a bit of quirky funk. The nature of the genre, music plus instructions, sometimes together, sometimes separate, all but guarantees clean, open breakdowns. “Clap, Snap, Stamp” gives […]


Brazilian Black Soul Flying Through The Airto Fogo

Airto Fogo – Black Soul Semester ended a few days ago and I’m really looking forward to recommitting myself to sharing music (maybe, emphasis on maybe, even back on the air, perhaps even by the end of the Summer). While I haven’t spent a large quantity of time in record […]


Banda Colorada’s South Side Melting Pot

Banda Colorada – South Chicago Mama Though it seems like I haven’t been up to much at all online, I’ve been just as busy as usual on the record front, and now that the semester is winding down, I’ll be sharing much more. This one turned up on a afternoon […]


A Progressive End To 2016…Courtesy of Atoll

Atoll – Cazotte No. 1 Atoll – Le Photographe Exorciste Well, well, well…this tail end of 2016 didn’t exactly turn out the way I might have liked. I’ve been in a funk pretty much all of November and December that I’ve only recently gotten out of, and thus, there hasn’t […]