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The Sonics

The Sonics, one of the most influential garage bands of all-time, will be performing here in Los Angeles at the Roxy this Friday night, August 15th!!! The Sonics were one of several bands that put the Pacific Northwest sound on the map back in the early 1960s. They set themselves apart because of the raw energy and power of their performances. It’s not hyperbole to saw that whole scenes of music and legendary bands like the Gories or the Cramps might not have even been formed without the music of this band. Having reformed a few years ago, with original members Gerry Roslie (keys/vox), Larry Parypa (guitar) and Rob Lind (sax), even though the boys are now well into past their 60s, they’ve lost none of their verve and fire. If you’d like to go courtesy of Melting Pot, make sure to e-mail me by 5pm on Thursday, August 14th at michael[at]!

I’m not sure there’s a greater song from this period of time than “Strychnine,” certainly it features some of the greatest opening lyrics of all-time:

Baby…you driving me crazy!:

Now if you’re not convinced that you should see this band here in 2014, just take a gander at this video, recorded earlier in the year:


Bass virtuoso Charnett Moffett is coming into LA for two shows at the Catalina Jazz Club this Friday and Saturday, July 11th and 12th! I’ve never seen a more dynamic and awe-inspiring bass player as Charnett Moffett, he may very well be the best bassist to emerge post-Mingus and post-Haden. Raised up in the musical Moffett household and named “Charnett” by his father, drummer Charles Moffett, as a tribute to Ornette Coleman, the man has been thrilling audiences since his emergence as a teenager in the Moffett family band. Since then he’s played with all of the big names of the past 30 years, Branford and Wynton Marsalis, McCoy Tyner and Herbie Hancock just to name a few. Last year he released two albums on Motema Music and these shows will showcase his “Spirit Of Sound” trio. If you’d like to see Charnett Moffett perform live (and believe me YOU DO) at Catalina’s Jazz Club on Saturday July 12th, make sure to e-mail me at michael[at] by 12noon on Friday!!!

Here’s Charnett performing a song from one of the two albums he released in 2013, “The Bridge,” on solo bass:

This one is from a few years ago, but showcases the dynamic style of Moffett, on both upright and electric bass, watching him perform it just doesn’t seem possible for one human’s hands to move that fast:


Though they were obscured for over 20+ years, the proto-punk Death, thanks to reissues from Drag City and an ace documentary called “A Band Called Death” have rightly taken their place amongst the iconic bands of Detroit Rock City, including the Stooges and the MC5. The Hackney brothers have been performing together for the last several years and their sound has lost none of its potency from the 1970s, as you’ll find out when they perform here in LA at the Roxy on July 3rd. If you’d like to see Death, courtesy of Melting Pot, make sure to e-mail me at michael[at] by Wednesday, July 2nd at 12noon!!!

If you haven’t seen the documentary yet…what are you waiting for!

Here’s one of my faves from the groups original EP from 1974:

And here’s a taste of what you’ll get when you see them live here in 2014, this one recorded at the 2013 Afropunk Festival:


Will Holland aka Quantic is a true artist, a master DJ and master musician. His explorations through his many recordings (with the Quantic Soul Orchestra, Flowering Infero and Ondatropica, to name just a few) and as a compiler (The Panama collections on Soundway are required material) have almost single-handedly shifted many DJs, collectors and listeners to dig deeper into the sounds of Latin America. He’ll be here in Los Angeles bringing his unique blend of funk, cumbia, reggae and so much more to the Roxy on June 25th! If you want a chance to go courtesy of Melting Pot, e-mail at michael[at] by 5pm on Tuesday June 24th!


Here’s Quantic performing with a relatively small combo earlier in the year:

And here’s some older footage of Quantic with a larger group perforiming “Descarga”:

Here’s also the video for one of the newer songs, “Duvido” from Holland’s latest release, Magnetica on long time label Tru Thoughts:


It’s been several months since I first came down with a serious musical crush on Perfect Pussy…and not a single thing has changed about the way I feel about the band. Back in March the band played a couple shows here in LA and I got to see them live at the Bootleg and they did not disappoint, not one single bit. If you want to bear witness in person, here’s your chance with Perfect Pussy playing alongside Potty Mouth and the Bots at the Echo on Thursday May 29th. All you have to do is e-mail me at michael[at] for a chance to win. I’ll chose the winners on Wednesday at 5pm.

Here’s a video for the first track from their debut cassette “I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling.” In addition to giving a nice introduction to the band’s sound, the video shows they clearly have a good sense of humor and solid camaraderie, which is probably needed with all the attention the band has gotten over the past year plus:

While that video might be a good introduction, for a true taste of Perfect Pussy the band has to be experienced live. Their sets are like a hurricane of sound, massive amounts of feedback from every direction with Graves as the eye of the storm. Here’s the band playing at SXSW, at an NPR showcase of all places, which does produce the most precious comments from NPR types who’ve never listened to this kind of music…The set itself is fiercer than fierce:


Syracuse punk outfit Perfect Pussy will be in our fair town for two nights this week, and we have a pair of tickets for their show Wednesday night at the Bootleg Theater. It’s been a good long while since a band that plays this fast and this loud has kicked up this much buzz. Quite a bit of it revolves around mercurial lead singer Meredith Graves but the Double P (as I’m considering calling them, just in case the FCC wants to come a callin’) are building a sizeable rep not just on her persona, but on a fast and fierce live show. If you go to this show (or the more DIY affair at the East 7th Warehouse on March 20th), make sure you go early cause the band has put out two releases and neither one of them is longer than 25 minutes in total! If you’re interested in bearing witness, e-mail me by 5pm Tuesday at michael[at]!!!

For a taste of what to expect, see the below. Here the band performs “III” from their debut cassette “I Have Lost All Desire For Feeling” at a concert filmed by the good folks at Pitchfork:

Here the band performs in Brooklyn, with Graves showing a bit of Ballerina style in her warm up before things get busy:

Despite their buzz, it’s important to remember that Perfect Pussy is a relatively new band that plays a genre of music that isn’t known for longevity of sound. I reckon that their sets are a shade longer than these twelve minutes, put probably not too much. It will be interesting to see where the band is in another year:

Foto © Torbjorn Persson

Foto © Torbjorn Persson

So…I’ve been away for quite sometime, mostly because of personal matters and a wicked case of the flu. To make up for time lost, I some rather lovely tickets. One of my favorite contemporary performers and songwriters will be here in Los Angeles playing a “Church Session” on Saturday March 8th, Mark Kozelek aka Sun Kil Moon. For the last several years Kozelek, former frontman of the Red House Painters in what feels like it was a lifetime ago, has been focused on playing nylon guitars and writing deeply introspective songs. I’m not sure if he’ll be here with a full band or just by himself with his guitar, but however it goes down, if you’re a fan you don’t want to miss this performance at the First Unitarian Church here in Los Angeles (2936 W 8th St. Los Angeles, CA, 90005). If you want a chance to go courtesy of Melting Pot, e-mail at michael[at] by 12noon Friday (tomorrow)!

This clip for Urban Explorers might give a sense of the possibilities of Kozelek performing at a church:

Here Mark performs “Mistress” with the Roots on Jimmy Fallon’s “old” show:


I have no idea when the last time Mazzy Star played a show here in Los Angeles, but I’m guessing it’s been a long long time. Considering the fact that Dave Roback and Hope Sandoval hadn’t made a record together for 17 years, until the release of their brilliant Seasons Of Your Day, it might be a very long time indeed before they grace us again. The show is sold out, but I do have a couple of pairs of tickets for Melting Pot fans…e-mail me at michael[at] by 5pm Wednesday November 6th (Tomorrow!) if you want a chance to win tickets!!!

For many people, myself included, “Fade Into You” remains the definitive Mazzy Star song. Despite Sandoval’s rumoured issues with performing live there are quite a few broadcast performances of the band from the early 1990s, including this performance on Jools Holland’s show in 1994:

Here’s something that I didn’t know existed and only found as I was tracking down videos for this post. A beautifully shot, professional video of a set recorded in the Bay Area, where Hope Sandoval makes her home, at a benefit for the Bridge School:

Here is more recent video of the group, who have been performing a bit more regularly over the last year, though primarily at the big festivals like Coachella and Barcelona’s Primavera Sound. Here the band plays one of the tracks from their new album Seasons Of Your Day, “Flyin’ Low”:


Next Wednesday, on the eve of old Hallow’s eve, Australia’s Haitus Kaiyote will be here in Los Angeles, performing at the Skirball Cultural Center along with Moses Sumney and DJ’s Jeremy Sole and Wisacre of the Lift. Haitus Kaiyote has been one of my favorite discoveries of the year after (finally) hearing their debut Tawk Tomahawk, which the band self-released in 2012, garnering attention from all kinds of folks, until it was given a proper release this year on producer Salaam Remi’s Flying Buddah label. Like Little Dragon and Quadron before them, Kaiyote is part of an international wave of soul music over the last few years and with singer/guitarist Nai Palm’s penchant for interesting fashion, I’m sure this Halloween themed show will be memorable indeed. If you want a chance to win tickets, e-mail me at michael[at] by Tuesday 12noon for your chance to win…if we’re lucky we might just have an interview/performance for you all when Melting Pot returns to the KPFK airwaves November 3rd!

As I’ve mentioned before, “Nakamarra” is one of my favorite songs of the year, might even end up being my favorite song of the year, so if you haven’t heard it…just listen:

One of the things that’s a little frustrating about the EP, similar to the music of Flying Lotus, is how many of the songs clock in at only a minute or so, however it seems live that these songs are performed quite differently, here’s an example with “Boom Child”:

Here’s another video of the band, one of a song that’s not on the debut, “Jekyll” that shows even more of a range for the group and much stronger jazz influences than even I had
realized before:


Literally just found out that I have a few more tickets that I can giveaway for Steve Earle’s performance tomorrow night at the Ford Theatre. Steve Earle is a living legend, a true national treasure in my opinion and someone who I sincerely hope I’ll get to bring into studio sometime in the future. If you’d to see him and his band the Dukes, e-mail me by 12noon Thursday at michael[at]!!!

Here’s a fantastic video for the song “Invisible” from his latest release The Low Highway:

Here Mr. Earle performs the song “This City” which was written for New Orleans and featured in the series Treme:


I couldn’t prouder of the fact that KPFK and Amoeba Records are presenting Valerie June’s performance at the Bootleg Theater this Friday, September 20th. Along for the ride will be actor/musician John C. Reilly with his friends Becky Stark and Tom Brousseau and yours truly will be providing the soundtrack for the evening at the start and in between sets. Over the last year, June has been causing quite a fuss and seems poised for potential stardom. The show at the Bootleg sold out when it was initially scheduled for the “Bar,” and then sold out when it got moved over to the larger “Theater” but you still have a chance to get to see her here in LA, just make sure to e-mail me before 3pm Thursday, September 19th if you want a chance to win the tickets!

Here’s a taste of potentially what to expect, from a recent concert for World Cafe featuring June performing by herself with a whole bunch of guitars:


Just because I’m not on the air doesn’t mean that I can’t hook y’all up with some tickets. The Heavy have been a personal fave for quite sometime. The band has stuck true to their roots even while delivering a couple of “hits” and breaking out, especially via TV and Film placement of their music. They always deliver when performing live and if you dig their sound, you can see it live and direct at the Fonda Theatre this Thursday August 8th! All you have to do is e-mail me at michael[at] by Wednesday 5pm!

If you need a taste of what’s in store, here they are performing their “hit” “How You Like Me Now?” over at LA’s the El Rey:

And “Short Change Hero” live in Cologne, Germany:

And “What Makes A Good Man” live on Craig Ferguson’s Late Night Show:

foto © Chelsea Lauren

You got a taste when KING performed on Melting Pot, here’s your chance to see them at the Bootleg Theater this Friday, August 2nd! The band performed a very successful residency here in June, and they’ve returned once again, hopefully with even more new songs! Great chance to see one of the brightest rising stars in music courtesy of Melting Pot, make sure to send an e-mail to michael[at] by Thursday at 5pm if you want a chance to win!!!

In the meantime, as we wait for their performance and their upcoming full-length, here is their latest song, “In The Meantime”:

And the song/video that kicked off one of our longest running musical crushes (for lots of people, for a band without a full-length release, KING’s fans are VERY devoted to the band, with music this good it’s easy to see why):


foto ©

{Please note this show has been moved to the Wiltern!}

On the heels of our interview with Matthew Sweet discussing Girlfriend, we also have a couple of pairs of passes to see Matthew Sweet perform the entire album, start to finish, with a few extras likely thrown in this Saturday at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Los Angeles. This is part of what is called the LP Tour, that also features Big Head Todd & the Monsters, Soul Asylum and members of the Wailers each performing a classic album. If you’d like to go courtesy of Melting Pot, be sure to e-mail me at michael[at] by Thursday at 6pm. Good luck!

If you’ve never seen it, as a fan you need to see this performance on the old Dennis Miller show featuring the one and only Robert Quine, “the most unassuming guitar god” who ever existed:

Here’s a more recent appearance with Matthew and his band performing “I’ve Been Waiting”:

foto © Chris La Putt

foto © Chris La Putt

{Congrats to the winners Larkin N. and Fred P.!!!}

Highlighted a bit of the music of Shannon & the Clams earlier, they’re playing a bunch of shows in the LA area over the next week or so, including an early show at the Echo. If you’re interested in seeing Shannon & the Clams, drop me a line, michael[at] by Friday at 12noon.

Here’s a taste of what to expect when Shannon and her clams hit the stage, though I don’t think it will be quite like this appearance at Chic-A-Go-Go, it would be mighty cool if there was just as much dancing, not so many kids:

Here’s a proper live video from the band, recorded nearby at the Glasshouse in Pomona:

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